Online Support

We're offering support from our side speaking English, Russian, Ukrainian - by chat feature!

24/7 Online

Our servers located in few areas around the world so you can be sure you can connnect from anywhere, anytime.

Handling All Issues

If you have found some issue or want to improve our system you can send us details to our development crew -

Most of customers asked us to make one good software that can repressent different features combined and in same time it might be easy to use and without any high requirements.

Andrii Shut

CEO at Seismic Point Group

We'were using different dialers before - most of them based on VICIDial software. Which is bit outdated so far and have issues and those things make people angry so far. So we have changed our mind and started with AdvaDialing. So far we did'nt had any headache.



Awesome features we can share

Yes, we share our best tech's with call-centers!

Fast dialing

Our dialer accepts calling up to 1000 lines in same time with AMD (Answering Machine Detect Feature). Call starts in less than 10 milliseconds.

Leads quality check

We've invented way to check your leads before your agents will actually dial them, so it excludes bad numbers or invalid one based on QC report.

Local time dialing

Tired of dialing your customers asleep or in mid of a night? We've solved this using system which spreads numbers by countries which allows yuo to diall exact numbers in their time period of day.

SMS replying

Now you can reply your customers after call using SMS or Autometed E-Mail template. No need for extra windows and typing!

DID's ready

Now your customers can call back to you! Just order one of the DID's and we'll manange him to dial your agents.

Live management

Using advanced system of monitoring you can see how mucha gents are in call, with whom, and spy/barge'em. All on live.

Customer Support

We're alway provide support to all of our customers. Teaching how to use our software, connecting new vendors of VOIP and DID services, giving tips on different dial features. Resolving individual cases using remote controlled services.